Helping leaders transform  

into high performers who

successfully navigate conflict,

form high-trust relationships and 

excel at being fully present in their lives.

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Jennell Evans, MA, CMMI, uses a blended approach of private coaching and small group training sessions delivered online to help leaders leverage their emotional intelligence, successfully manage conflict and create inclusive work cultures that thrive. Her proven 5-phase transformational process is one that clients can also use anytime they want to make significant changes in their lives and/or learn new leadership skills and strategies. 

RESULTS: Clients experience high levels of satisfaction with the changes they make, including enhanced mental, physical, psychological health, better quality sleep, rejuvenating new career opportunities, higher income levels, closer relationships at work and home, a greater sense of

purpose and enthusiasm about their futures.

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Jennell is known for creating engaging, thought-provoking presentations about mindset strategies that help build trust with employees during socially isolated times. Her mindfulness and meditation workshops/presentations  strengthen employees’ ability to be resilient by minimizing stress, resulting in calmer and more productive work cultures.

RESULTS: Clients report better communication between employees and their managers, increased employee engagement, retention and teamwork. Leadership support of her sessions demonstrates genuine concern for the wellbeing of their employees, which creates business cultures that attract and retain “the best of the best” talent to accomplish their mission.

RECENT PRESENTATIONS & WORKSHOPS: “7 Strategies for Managing Your Mindset During Times of Uncertainty,” "Mindfulness & Meditation: Essential Practices for Alleviating Stress, Increasing Focus & Enhancing Your Performance,” and “A 3-Step Game Plan for Regret-Proofing Your Life.”


Jennell Evans, MA, CMMI

Leadership, Emotional Intelligence & Mindfulness Expert

"Jennell is a personal trainer for the mind." 

Chad, Global HR Principal

Jennell is Co-founder of Strategic Interactions, Inc., an award-winning leadership development firm that's been featured on 60 Minutes and in The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, The Los Angeles Times and in the New York Times.

Jennell specializes in transforming leaders into outstanding performers who leverage their emotional intelligence to successfully navigate conflicts, form high-trust relationships and create inclusive work cultures that thrive.


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What clients say about Jennell's

private/group coaching program, presentations & workshops...

During a recent online staff retreat, I wanted to add a component that would help us manage the psychological and emotional challenges of COVID-19. If you’re looking for someone to deliver a session that addresses similar issues, I highly recommend you contact Jennell. She did a terrific job covering a lot of great information in a short timeframe. I know her session will help our team not only alleviate stress every day, but also increase their ability to focus, make better decisions, and be as productive as possible.

Gail Peace, CEO

Ludi, Inc.

I’ve worked with Jennell Evans frequently since 2014, when she first collaborated with my team to facilitate leadership strategy sessions. When we decided to find someone to help us create an inclusion and diversity initiative focused on supporting the wellbeing of our associates during this time in 2020 of continuous uncertainty, Jennell was my first choice as the go-to person to make this a big success.

If you’re looking for a unique and impactful way to achieve similar outcomes, I highly recommend you contact Jennell who will collaborate fully and creatively with you to exceed your goals.                       

Erika Saldivar, Director Special Projects, Engineering, AvalonBay Communities, Inc.

I used to show up as an executive who could handle every detail of my very demanding job, but the stress I was experiencing was overwhelming to the point it robbed me of enjoying my accomplishments. I committed to Jennell’s coaching program and I gained so much, including how to manage my mindset and my ability to handle conflicts with others successfully. If you’ve experienced some of the same challenges, I highly recommend you contact Jennell to learn more about her program.

Julie, Entertainment Executive

We were lucky enough to have Jennell lead our introduction to mindfulness session during our brand team offsite in Nashville. Many of us were very new to the practice, so it was very helpful to have a deeper understanding of the practice and the impact it can have both on your professional and personal life. Our team is very diverse and we all deal with stress in different ways, so it was great to learn about the different approaches you can take that work for your individual needs. Jennell’s knowledge and expertise came through in her presentation as well as her passion to help others incorporate these practices into their daily life. We highly recommend Jennell for your next team retreat, and she was an absolute joy to work with.

Emily Moir, Consumer Marketing

Moёt & Chandon

As a result of working with Jennell, my path forward is much clearer, and my energy is restored. I’m much more focused and creative at work while feeling excited about what’s ahead. I can accomplish more and achieve my goals without being overwhelmed – this alone has been a game-changer. Investing in coaching this year was truly a gift to myself. The experience was phenomenal, and it really changed my life in many ways. If you want outstanding results that enhance your life at work and home, while helping you figure out the next steps about your future, I recommend you reach out to Jennell. 

Kerri Koss Morehart, 
Vice President, HR

The Cadmus Group, Inc.

I have participated in various professional coaching sessions in the past, but this one really hit home for me. The webcasts made it extremely convenient, but also had that face-to-face connection. I highly recommend Jennell’s program if you are interested in making true changes and improvements in your professional and personal life.

Connie, Healthcare Executive

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