Helping healthcare leaders develop next-level emotional intelligence and mindfulness skills so they can positively impact patients and staff, while taking care of their own well-being.

Healthcare leaders have faced unprecedented levels of challenges since early 2020. Despite having to lead during tremendously stressful times, they must show up mentally strong, calm, and focused to succeed. 


Jennell Evans, an emotional intelligence and mindfulness trainer, uses a blended approach of online private sessions and small group trainings to teach healthcare leaders how to overcome burnout, alleviate chronic stress, navigate tough conversations, reduce resistance to workplace change and create inclusive, thriving cultures at work.

RESULTS: With new skills and strategies, leaders improve the quality of their lives through better mental and physical health, greater emotional self-control, new career opportunities, higher income levels, closer personal and professional relationships, a renewed sense of purpose and enthusiasm about their futures.


Jennell is known for creating engaging, thought-provoking presentations, webinars and workshops that strengthen employees’ ability to be calm in chaos, more focused and productive.

RESULTS: Leaders report better communication between staff and their managers, higher levels of engagement, retention and collaboration. Support of her presentations, webinars and workshops by leaders demonstrates their genuine concern for the well-being of their employees, and creates cultures that attract and retain top talent to accomplish their mission.

Some of her 2022 presentations, webinars and workshops include the following topics:


And many more: Alzheimers Association, AOPA, Avalon Bay, Axe Wellness, Blackboard, Cadmus, Choice Hotels, Clarkston Consulting, Corman Construction, Deloitte, Discovery Communications, FACETS, Gensler, George Mason University, International Launch Services, INOVA Healthcare, James Madison University, LMI, Lockheed Martin, National Geospatial Agency, Northrop Grumman, National Association of Home Builders, Paradyme Management, PwC, Reston Association, Special Olympics, Sunrise Senior Living, The Carlyle Group, Time Warner Cable, Trimble, Tyco, and Versar.

Jennell Evans, MA, CMMI

Emotional Intelligence | Mindfulness | Leadership
Trainer | Advisor | Speaker

"Jennell is a personal trainer for the mind."

Chad, Global HR Principal

Jennell is Co-founder of Strategic Interactions, Inc., an award-winning leadership development firm that’s been featured on 60 Minutes and in, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, The Los Angeles Times and in the New York Times.

After working for over 25 years with some of the most successful corporations in the world, Jennell decided during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic to specialize in helping healthcare professionals.

She is committed to working with those who gave, and continue to give, so much to others during one of the hardest times we’ve ever experienced.

She is passionate about working with healthcare leaders to advance their emotional intelligence and mindfulness skills, so they can prevent burnout, better manage stress, enhance patient care, and focus on the well-being of staff members, while simultaneously integrating major changes within their organizations.

Having these skills enables healthcare leaders to succeed with compassion and empathy, while being fully present and laser-focused on what matters most.

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