Can Today’s Disrupted Workplace be an Opportunity for You to Grow as a Leader, Feel Happier, and Become More Successful?

Since March 2020, the global pandemic has created more work and stress for leaders to manage, from implementing hybrid team protocols to handling employees’ needs and expectations.
These past few years of exhausting emotional work has caused some to leave the workforce.
According to a recent workplace study by Qualtrics XM, one of the top four trends in 2022 will be an exodus of leaders. Women will be the first out the door.
One of Qualtrics’ top recommendations for keeping these senior leaders and preventing burnout is for organizations to deliver customized development experiences that give them the insights and tools to grow and thrive.
Maybe your organization is already providing you expert training or coaching to up level your skills and make sure you’re prepared to succeed in the “new workplace.”
If that’s NOT your reality, and you want to excel as a leader, you’re on your own to prepare yourself to lead well in 2022 and beyond.
Does that sound like you? If so, keep reading.
My question for you is this: Instead of feeling overwhelmed by it all, could you reframe this time of disruption as a major opportunity for YOU to focus on yourself – your personal and professional priorities, including how you want to show up as a leader.
I work with leaders who view this time as an opportunity to recalibrate their lives professionally and personally. They’re focused on developing new skills and learning how to be more mindful, resilient and flexible, so they can better cope with everything now and when future disruptions occur.
What about you?
Are you a serial overachiever who’s under a ton of stress, at risk for burnout, but you’re afraid of looking weak if you ask for leadership coaching?
Have you been feeling like you’re in a constant state of transition and uncertainty, all while trying to keep your team engaged and connected so they don’t leave?
If so, you’re not alone.
Leaders are operating in a different work world that requires mastering new skills and learning new strategies. Imagine if an airline changed the instrument panels in their commercial airplanes without training their pilots how to fly with different operating systems. The lack of preparedness of their pilots would lead to disastrous results.
Similarly, you’re leading in a workplace that must function differently due to massive changes caused by the pandemic. You’re dealing with additional stressors and different expectations from team members, your boss, colleagues, customers and basically anyone you interact with at work.
The good news is that it’s well worth your time to focus on mastering leadership, emotional intelligence, and mindfulness skills. Not only will you feel more relaxed, confident, adaptable, and resilient, you’ll position yourself for financial success.
Companies will pay big bucks for leaders who can navigate massive challenges such as keeping talent from fleeing during this time of the Great Resignation.
It’s up to you to take action to become THE LEADER you want to be – A LEADER that organizations fight for, employees want to work for, and that colleagues trust and respect at the highest level.
The truth is, we all GET TO choose our future reality. Imagine how you would feel if you were able to:
•Communicate so well with others that you’re able to minimize conflicts and reduce the number of problems you have to manage, resulting in you having more time to do what you love.
•Address difficult performance issues with team members with empathy and ease that deepens trust between you, instead of fearing your well-intended feedback conversations might damage your relationships?
•Make small changes in your life that elevate your visibility and expand your career opportunities without taking more of your personal time.
•Strengthen your ability to manage anxiety, minimize distractions and focus your attention on what’s most important, so you live and operate from a place of calmness and clarity vs chaos?
•Have expert coaching and training from a trusted confidant to overcome common barriers to any leader’s success, such as burnout, fear of conflict or lack of self-control in stressful situations? Maybe you’ve gotten feedback about areas you could improve in, but no training on HOW to do it. Insecurity about your ability to lead well can make you feel like an imposter, despite appearing to have it all together.
It IS possible to experience those good feelings, and thrive at work and in your personal life! Take advantage of this time of disruption in the workplace to break old patterns, learn new strategies, reset your priorities and re-skill yourself so you can lead with confidence in the future.
To get started, consider taking one of these 3 possible paths:
#1: D.I.Y. – Develop a Plan for Your Personal and Professional Growth. You figure out on your own how to get clear on your priorities, goals, and areas you need to develop so you can be a successful leader, including how to advance your emotional intelligence, and prioritize your mental, emotional, and physical health.
The major downside to this option is that it’s time consuming and difficult to do alone. Organizing information from books, videos, webinars, courses, assessment, etc. could take a long time.
It’s also hard to self-assess your strengths and accurately identify your areas for growth because we all have blind spots!
You could focus on the wrong things vs the right things you need to develop, which would delay you feeling more confident, or getting promotions, or having new career opportunities.
#2: Work with a Coach Recommended by Your Inner Circle. Well-meaning people often suggest their personal coaches to friends and colleagues without thinking about the changes they’re trying to achieve, which may be very different from their own goals.
Coaches have unique specialties and training, so finding the right one for you is very important. If you want some of those “how would you feel scenarios” I listed earlier to be your reality, then you want to work with a coach who specializes in leadership, emotional intelligence, and mindfulness.
Why? Because those are the three core skills leaders need to succeed NOW in the new workplace.
#3 – Work with Me! I can help you grow as a leader, feel happier and become more successful right now!
I’m an experienced leader who’s held multiple senior leadership roles in organizations prior to starting my own leadership development firm over 25 years ago.
•I specialize in leadership, emotional intelligence, and mindfulness training and coaching.•I’ve worked with thousands of leaders helping them first develop their emotional intelligence and then use it in situations like difficult, tense conversations.
•I’ve helped women executives develop their leadership skills in ways that make them stand out and get noticed, without working more hours or sabotaging their most valued relationships.
•I can save you time and effort because I have a proven approach for helping high-achieving women get crystal clear about their priorities, goals, and specific skills they need to master to become successful, sought-after leaders.
Women that I’ve worked with have fewer problems on their desk, better work/life balance, and more time to do what they love to do.
I’ve worked with female CEOs, Chief Human Resource Officers, Chief Learning Officers and women in other senior level corporate positions who have gotten amazing outcomes that positively changed their professional and personal lives.
Let’s talk and see if I can help you in your leadership journey now so you can have your best years ever beginning in 2022!
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All the best,
Jennell Evans, MA, CMMI
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