Presentations, Webinars & Workshops for Healthcare Organizations

As a healthcare leader, are you:

While the global pandemic impacted everyone on some level, research confirms that healthcare leaders faced unprecedented levels of challenges. A 2021 healthcare survey found that:

In addition, Mental Health America’s 2021 “Mind the Workplace” report found that almost 83% of respondents felt emotionally drained from work, with 85% (nearly nine in ten workers) reporting that job stress affected their mental health.

Healthcare leaders need to focus on their own well-being and figure out how to rebalance workloads to reduce such detrimental impacts.

The truth is the pandemic placed a spotlight on big problems that healthcare professionals were already dealing with pre-pandemic, such as burnout, staffing challenges, and resistance to industry changes.

As a healthcare leader, what can you do today to help your staff?

You can be the Leader Champion of educational programs (interactive, engaging workshops, webinars and presentations) that I provide with the goal of helping them:

“During a recent online staff retreat, I wanted to add a well-being component that would benefit my team and help us manage the psychological and emotional challenges of COVID-19. I asked Jennell to present an overview about mindfulness practices and, more specifically, how meditation can help enhance one’s performance and provide calmness in the face of all the recent personal and work challenges. If you’re looking for someone to deliver a session that addresses similar issues, I highly recommend you contact Jennell. She did a terrific job covering a lot of great information in a short timeframe. I know her session will help our team not only alleviate stress every day, but also increase their ability to focus, make better decisions, and be as productive as possible!”

Gail Peace, Founder & CEO, Ludi, Inc. 

Would you like to know how I’ve helped other organizations overcome similar challenges?

Reach out to me by email at to have a conversation about what you’d like to do to help your staff. During a confidential, 15-minute “non-sales” call, we can figure out if I can help you make a positive impact and achieve your goals.