Private and Group Sessions for Healthcare Leaders

As a healthcare leader with a successful track record, do you still find yourself challenged by:

If so, you’re not alone!

While the global pandemic impacted everyone on some level, research confirms that healthcare leaders faced unprecedented levels of challenges. A 2021 healthcare survey found that:

How would you feel if you could:

The old leadership playbook no longer works in a world still reeling from impacts of the pandemic. In 2022 and beyond, healthcare leaders need new tools, strategies and extraordinary communication skills rooted in emotional intelligence (EQ) to succeed.

To get work done efficiently and effectively, healthcare leaders must be mindful of the reality that the quality of their communication directly impacts the quality of their relationships, how work gets done and ultimately how patients are treated.

What can you do to reskill and get better at taking care of yourself and those who work for you?

By doing what other successful leaders do, beginning with prioritizing learning and developing new skills and strategies with a professional who knows what you should focus on and what you should let go!

I work with leaders to guide and support them through a 5-phase transformational journey of 1:1 coaching that includes mindfulness techniques to reduce stress and increase productivity, while developing new EQ skills through simulations, practice and actionable feedback.

I also lead cohorts in organizations that believe in supporting and investing in the development of their leaders through my 10-week group coaching program.

“I have participated in various professional coaching sessions in the past, but this one with Jennell really hit home for me. The sessions all built upon each other well, and it led to a deeper understanding of benefits of mindfulness and meditation and how to execute these practices in my own life, including how to stay calm in challenging situations! The webcasts made it extremely convenient, but also had that face-to-face connection. I highly recommend her program if you are interested in making a true change and improvement in your professional and personal life.”

Connie Glover, Vice President, HCA Healthcare

Working with me fast-tracks the learning journey to becoming an extraordinary communicator and leader during this time of the “Great Reflection-Great Resignation-Great Reinvention.”

My personal and professional development program has helped thousands of leaders finally be able to:

There is a difference between saying you want to change and actually doing it.

Leaders who commit to taking action to change end up getting what they want whether it’s better work/life balance, a greater sense of calmness, a promotion, a raise, or something else they want in life.

You don’t have to struggle with figuring out how to commit the time or the right process to do the work.

Leaders who work with me experience compassionate accountability as they make progress over time and achieve their goals.

Reach out to me by email at to have a conversation about where you are in your healthcare career and where you aspire to be. During a confidential, 15-minute “non-sales” call, we can figure out if I can help you.