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In October 2020, we’re moving into month 7 of trying to manage our lives during one of the hardest times in our world. This experience has highlighted a lot of things our lives -- how we handle massive stress, constant changes, or if we’re truly happy and content. 

The current situation we’re all living through can cause a person of any age to question a lot of things including a very important fundamental one: are YOU living the life you truly want to be living?

Especially for people at midlife, the new-found sense of urgency to fix things in their lives they don’t like seems to expand as they realize that their lives are half-way or more over. 

Even the word “midlife” can conjure up negative feelings and images of people aging mentally and physically, losing one’s edge, or simply not feeling as relevant as before. People at this stage of life often wonder “is this all there is?” 

Once we’re aware that there is a big gap between where we are in life and where we want to be, life can feel more stressful. It’s like the genie is out of the bottle. Once you know something, you can’t unknow it! 

Midlife is not a time to stay in denial about living your dreams “someday,” as that day never comes. Or to be in denial that you have all the time in the world because you don’t – no one does.

Midlife is just another phase of life that can in fact be the beginning of the best time of your life – a time to reinvent. Reinvention may range from tweaking a few things to making big changes in your life.  

How do you begin? You need the right mindset and a proven process for figuring out how to move forward with a plan to reinvent and take sole custody of your life. The good news is that by midlife, experience has taught you: 

(1) much about who you really are, and 

(2) how the world really is. 

These are two critical insights for you to be able to imagine reinventing certain aspects of your life. 

Midlife is a mile marker that informs you it’s time to magnify your dreams and commit to figuring out how to make changes happen now, so your future is the way you want it to be.

Here are two things you can do to begin the reinvention process at midlife:

(1) Start talking, sharing and getting clearer on your dreams with a supportive family member, friend, mentor or coach who can help hold you accountable during the change process.

(2) Commit time and resources to do the work. You’ll need to schedule time to reflect, evaluate and do some deep soul searching. You’ll need thought-provoking questions that require focused, quality time to explore your heart’s desires that are authentically you – not what someone else wants. The insights you get from doing this will be data for you to consider as you get clarity about midlife changes you want to make.

My own midlife experience was a catalyst for a successful reinvention years ago. I now coach other professionals how to reinvent aspects of their life so they can take sole custody of it and achieve their dreams. 

If you want to speak with me how I helped others successfully navigate reinventing their lives, schedule up a complimentary call by clicking here. Together, we can figure out if I can help you. I promise you that the call will be well worth your time. 


Jennell Evans, MA, CMMI | 
Leadership | Emotional Intelligence | Mindfulness | Advisor & Speaker

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